The “Little Brain” We Should Protect

Everyone knows that our brains are the most important organ that we have. They give us the ability to solve problems, to think logically and also to love. However, there is a part of the brain that everyone uses and most people never think about. The cerebellum, or little brain in Latin, is what controls fine motor skills.

The use of fine motor skills is something that most animals have, however the evolution of those skills to create or do something like paint or drive a car is almost strictly a human trait. With each generation, our abilities increase farther from that of our ancestors and grow in ways that no other animals could. As technology advances, so does our need to perfect certain skills such as typing, punching in numbers on ever smaller cell phones and even learning how to use different types of remotes to watch television; the more technology that we learn to use, the greater our fine motor skills become over time.

It is also thought that the cerebellum affects how we interpret certain emotions, such as pleasure. As our brains reward us for experiencing pleasure this function of the cerebellum is just as important as the evolution of our fine motor skills. Without the proper interpretation of pleasure some people would experience a total loss of quality of life, even if they are leading an exceptional one. With all of this thought to be going on in one small area of the brain it makes sense to protect it.