Injured Cerebellum Symptoms

The cerebellum is also named the “little brain” and is the centre of vital processes in our body. The cerebellum has several small lobes. It is very important as it receives information from the sensory nerves, visual and auditory systems, as well as from the balance system of the inner ear, helping us orient. The cerebellum coordinates motor movements, memory process and learning. The “little brain” is also important for muscles tone and is better protected against trauma than the brain stem and the frontal and temporal lobes.

The first symptoms that the cerebellum has been injured consists of staggering when walking, as well as slow and uncoordinated movement. These coordination problems or movements are named asynergia, but other problems may emerge as well. Dysmetria is another symptom of an injured cerebellum. It means that someone cannot judge distances and when has to stop. There are other problems such as tremors, staggering, weak muscles (hypotonia), abnormal eye movements (nystagmus), the impossibility to alternate movements (adiadochokinesia), slurred speech (ataxic dysarthria). In case someone falls and hits in the cerebellum area, it may have serious health problems. If the impact is very strong, death usually emerges as the vital processes such as breathing is affected and the oxygen is not transported to the heart and brain.

It is also the centre of depression and long-term potentiation. Moreover, the cerebellum is critical for survival. There are many theories about many diseases which can affect the cerebellum and so, the life quality of the patient. New studies try to discover things about the cerebellum and its functions. Scientists also try to find cures for cerebellum problems. Although the cerebellum is one of the most important organs in our body, we still do not know enough about it. A few theories claim that the cerebellum is involved in many neurological and psychological functions. Further studies will demonstrate if this theory is true or not. Finding out new things about the cerebellum, we have the possibility to reveal important facts about us as well and cure several diseases.