Cerebellum or Cerebellar Disorders

One of the known and unfortunate cerebellum or cerebullar disorders is referred to as cerebellar cortical abiotrophy (CCA) which is often passed on through genes from one animal parent member to its offspring. Horses are among those that are affected by this disorder and lucky for humans this is not one of the many disorders which plague us. Cerebellar cortical abiotrophy starts to develop in animals when the neurons in the brain start to get damaged or die. This can be a real big problem for an animal like the horse because the disorder affects balance and the animals coordination.

This sort of disorder is not one which can be fixed through surgery and often ends with the animal in question being put down. Dogs are also affected by this problem and show dramatic signs of loss of coordination. Through selective breeding this disorder can be successfully controlled however cases still show up randomly in several animals. The best the vets can do for the animal is give them drugs to reduce the effects of the condition until such times as it is necessary to relieve the animal of its suffering. disorders like cerebellar cortical abiotrophy are not very common however they can cause significant damage to livestock of pure breed animals.