Cerebellum Is The Small Brain

Cerebellum is a part of the brain and is also called the “small brain”. Cerebellum is localized at the bottom of the brain and has many important functions for our body. This is why we have to pay attention to that area by not suffering a severe damage. Brain cerebellum is responsible for our posture, perception, movement, equilibrium, motor control. Cerebellum also plays a very important role for cognitive functions, so if we have cerebellum damages, we are not able to talk or to learn. Cerebellum damages do not cause paralysis, but we will have problems with the functions it coordinates.

Cerebellum is made of Purkinje cells, granule cells, mossy fibers, climbing fibers and a nuclei. The cerebellum changes in time and can be decomposed in several “microzones”. Cerebellum represented something very interesting even for Aristotle and Galen, but they did not consider the cerebellum a part of the brain. During the Renaissance, cerebellum started to be an interesting subject again. Thomas Willis, Luigi Rolando and Jean Pierre Flourens were the doctors that described and discovered important things about cerebellum. Without their contribution, we would not have known so many things today. However, we still do not know too much about the powers and the functions of our brain, but scientists make efforts to find out as many things as possible. There are still different theories about cerebellum as well as about the brain, but they have not been confirmed yet, so many studies are necessary to prove it if is true or not what is assumed.

Cerebellum has a sensory role, so now you have a better idea about its importance. There are diseases that affect the brain cerebellum and the doctors try to find a solution for them. Without a healthy brain cerebellum, our lives are very hard or we even cannot live. Even the simplest moves that we make are coordinated by the cerebellum. In case we observe something strange, we have to immediately consult a doctor. Cerebellum diseases can affect animals also, so pay attention to this potential problem, too. A cerebellum severe disease can change our life forever or we can even die.