Cerebellar Tumors

The cerebellum is the second largest part of the brain. The cerebellum is located in the back of the skull, above the brain stem. This part of the brain is responsible with posture, balance, as well as equilibrium. The cerebellum controls movements, walking and talking. Some of the most serious conditions that can affect the cerebellum are tumors. Tumors located in the cerebellum interfere with normal functions, causing a wide range of symptoms.


Symptoms of cerebellar tumors

The symptoms experienced by patients who have a cerebellar tumor will vary depending on the size, location, but also the type of the tumor. The speed at which the brain tumor is growing may also be an important factor in determining symptoms. However, what patients should know is that being careful at such symptoms and scheduling a doctor’s appointment in time may actually make the difference between life and death. Regardless of the type or location of these tumors, they have to be removed.

Below you can find a list of the most common symptoms that patients will experience.

  • Headaches;
  • Nausea;
  • Dizziness;
  • Difficulty with coordination and balance;
  • Confusion;
  • Disorientation;
  • Vision loss;
  • Speech difficulty;
  • Behavior changes;
  • Impaired memory.

Many of these symptoms can be associated with a wide range of other diseases. This is why, as soon as you feel that there may be something wrong with your health, you should seek medical assistance.



There are two main types of cerebellar tumors: primary and secondary tumors. They can be benign or malignant. Primary tumors are the tumors that originate in the cerebellum. On the other hand, secondary tumors are the ones that spread from other parts of the body and affect the cerebellum.

Medulloblastoma is one of the most serious types of tumors that originates in the cerebellum. This is a fast growing type of brain tumor, summing about 20 percent of all brain tumors found in both children and adults. Still, children are more affected by this tumor than adults. However, you should know that there are many other types of tumors that can be traced in the cerebellum. Cerebellar astrocytoma is another primary type of tumor located in the cerebellum.



In case you feel that something can be wrong with your health, schedule an appointment with your doctor. The physician will ask you about your symptoms and in case he has reasons to suspect that you may suffer from a cerebellar condition, you will be referred to a neurologist. This specialist will test reflexes, as well as hearing and vision. A magnetic resonance imaging test, as well as a computerized tomography may be recommended to confirm the suspicion in the diagnosing process. Additional tests may be performed with the purpose to measure the tumor’s activity, as well as to determine if it is cancerous or not.


In most cases, specialists are going to recommend the surgical removal of the tumor found in the cerebellum. In case the tumor has started to spread, it can only be partially removal or may cause additional damage to the body, radiation and chemotherapy can also be recommended.


Treating tumors in the cerebellum is extremely difficult. Even though people can overcome such conditions, these tumors cause numerous deaths, too, as they can be traced in highly advanced stages. This is why seeking medical assistance immediately after realizing that something may not be in order with your health is mandatory.