Can A Person Live Without A Cerebellum?

Theoretically, no person would be able to leave a normal life without a cerebellum. But Chase Britton came to the world to prove the contrary. Chase Britton is the son of Heather and David, a couple who desired to have another child after their son Trey was born 11 weeks earlier than scheduled and died exactly the day he should have had a liver transplant that would have probably saved his life. After such a tragic loss, the couple was happy to find out Heather was pregnant again. Unfortunately, she gave birth prematurely once again. The boy, Chase, was born blind and when he was one year old doctors suspected he suffers of cerebral palsy. But what they discovered was absolutely incredible.

Again, theoretically, little Chase should not be able to live normally without a cerebellum. Of course, his life is a little bit harder than that of a regular kid, but fortunately, he has his parents and big brother Alex to help him all the time. According to what is known in the medical world, because of the lack of his cerebellum, the boy should not have balance, coordination skills, emotional control, language and learning abilities and motor control. He also misses the pons, not just the cerebellum and this should stop him from sleeping and breathing.

However, you have surely observed that Chase is a sweet and happy child who moves almost like any other and who learns slowly everything about the world around him. More astonishing in his case is also the fact that in the ultrasounds it’s perfectly clear that as a fetus, Chase has the cerebellum. 

For doctors and researchers in the medical area, Chase is a huge mystery and challenge, leading them to think that what they thought they knew about the cerebellum may be completely wrong. For his family, he is a little miracle that brings a smile on their face each day.

Chase Britton is making steps to develop his skills each day. Whether the doctors will ever be able to solve the mystery of his health or whether he will lead a normal adult life it is not known yet, but time will show everything.